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Subpages plugin thing

When you are creating a hierarchy of pages, it would be quite useful to have a {subpages} option similar to {toc} that lists the subpages of the current page (perhaps in a ul, or other list form)


If you could do {subpages 1} you could create just the 'next level of detail' where {subpages 1-} or some such could generate a site map type thing that would stay up to date.

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Toggle for live preview

In wiki pages with dynamic content (e.g. http://wiki.dandascalescu.com/howtos/catalyst/introduction_to_catalyst.edit), it may become annoying for said content to keep refreshing as the user types. A toggle for live preview, on by default, would be nice. Ideal level of persistency would be per page because some pages are dynamic-content heavy and others are not. Per-user persistency (one user thinks the page is "heavy", ...more »

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