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Include Perl module distribution

Give MojoMojo a CPAN like distribution tarball like My-Class-2.0.tgz and MojoMojo would slurp that in (e.g. with Archive::Tar) to display a overview page from META.yml and links to the POD or source of each module file which is mentioned in MANIFEST. This would help projects to develop Perl Apps or prepare modules for CPAN. MojoMojo can already display POD and Perl source nicely!

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Subpages plugin thing

When you are creating a hierarchy of pages, it would be quite useful to have a {subpages} option similar to {toc} that lists the subpages of the current page (perhaps in a ul, or other list form)


If you could do {subpages 1} you could create just the 'next level of detail' where {subpages 1-} or some such could generate a site map type thing that would stay up to date.

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Toggle for live preview

In wiki pages with dynamic content (e.g. http://wiki.dandascalescu.com/howtos/catalyst/introduction_to_catalyst.edit), it may become annoying for said content to keep refreshing as the user types. A toggle for live preview, on by default, would be nice. Ideal level of persistency would be per page because some pages are dynamic-content heavy and others are not. Per-user persistency (one user thinks the page is "heavy", ...more »

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Escape '<', '>' and '&' in <code> blocks

I can't put HTML tags in this message which makes things hard. Please interpret all square brackets as angle brackets. MojoMojo isn't escaping the text inside a [code] block from Markdown. If I have e.g. the following example on my page indented by four spaces: $ curl http://mojomojo.org 2>/dev/null | grep "Mojo 0" [meta http-equiv="powered by" content="MojoMojo 0.999029" /] It will fail to render correctly ...more »

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Support Creole markup

"WikiCreole is an attempt to develop a set of good practices and recommendations about markup languages for creators of wiki engines. It is also a set of basic markup rules commonly needed in such languages."


-- http://wiki.wikicreole.org/About


The WikiCreole 1.0 spec is stable: http://wikicreole.org/wiki/Home


Then, add MojoMojo to wikicreole.org /Engines and /Wikis.

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